The Alphabet as Muse

It occurred to me recently that I should probably start teaching my son his ABCs. As I started perusing the blogosphere for ideas, I got the distinct impression that the English alphabet is pretty hot right now. If you do a quick search in Etsy for "Alphabet Posters," you'll see more artistic renderings of the alphabet than you thought possible, ranging from baby nursery appropriate [i.e., alphabet accompanied by cute illustrations of woodland creatures and marine animals] to career specific [see the Statistics-themed print at the top left corner of the collage above] to quirky [while I personally wouldn't purchase the zombie print because zombies scare me, I give the artist credit for originality].  The more abstract interpretations of the alphabet [like the one in the bottom right corner of the collage where the alphabet letters look like they were  gracefully dumped into a pile], while perhaps aesthetically pleasing and visually arresting, don't do it for me because if I'm going to shell out a boatload of money for an alphabet print, I at least want it to be functional. My baby needs to learn his ABCs, and he can't tell up from down as it is. 

While I'm super impressed by all the creative alphabet-inspired art out there in the blogosphere, I have to thank my sister for actually helping me along in my journey to turn my illiterate toddler into bibliophile. She, bless her heart, suffered a thousand pin pricks creating the following gift for my son in the hopes that it will make learning his ABCs more fun. As an added bonus, these aesthetically pleasing, visually arresting, and functional wool felt letters are portable, and large enough not to pose as choking hazards! The latter feature is especially important to me right now because my son still suffers from the burning desire to shove anything and everything into his mouth.

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