The Road to Hell is Paved with Good Intentions

I decided to start this blog out of sheer necessity. I had my firstborn a little over a year ago now, and as much as I would walk on a bed of nails for him, I sometimes go a little crazy trying to be the playmate he longs for me to be {every single waking moment of every single day!}. Before I had him, I thought I loved kids. Afterwards, I realized it was really babies I loved. Babies who were yet immobile and wanted nothing more than to be held and cuddled. Who did not need to be "entertained." After my son started demanding more out of life, I realized I wasn't a "kid person."  I didn't really enjoy reading picture books, singing songs with exaggerated hand motions and nonsensical lyrics, and creating some imaginary world where driverless cars and trucks vroom vroomed around living rooms and stuffed animals talked. I wanted to stimulate my precious toddler and make his childhood fun and exciting, but I always ran out of ideas by breakfast time every morning. And by lunchtime, you could find me surfing the web and checking my email, yearning for an escape that would never come, as my son repeatedly thrusted toys at me and pulled on my leg as he whined irritatedly. And with good reason. The kid was bored out of his mind, and so was his mama.

So, that's where the idea of this blog came about. I know there are lots of other moms and dads out there just like me who feel wholly uncreative and uninspired on a daily basis, but do genuinely want to craft a really special and memorable childhood for their little ones, and want to enjoy themselves in the process. I hope this blog helps you as I hope it will help me (and my son)! Let's call it Operation Sanity Saver.

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