Valentine's Day Card Kit

As much as I loathe the commercialization of holidays, and as much as Valentine's Day is one of the worst offenders, I actually do appreciate V-day. Of course, it was the source of some bitterness and angst back in my twenties when I was unintentionally single and all my friends were either dating or married. But now that I'm happily wed and V-day no longer represents salt on an open wound, I can actually see it for what it is--simply an excuse to express your love to your beloveds, handy for those who don't have the cajones (or wherewithal) to express it otherwise. It doesn't have to be directed to a lover obviously. Supermarket aisles stocked with mass-produced Vday cards and candy targeting toddlers prove that point.

Anyway, my sister had a bunch of gorgeous cardstock, ribbons, and notions in her formidable collection of craft supplies (in a Vday-approved color palette no less), so she carefully selected an assortment and created these pretty Valentine's Day Card Kits.  I put some in the shop, so if your kid(s) would like to create handmade cards for his/her loved ones this year, this kit would pretty much take care of that (and you could even make some for your loved ones as well while they are at it!).

A closer look at some of the goodies in the kit

Sample Card #1

Sample Card #2
Sample Card #3

Of course, the sky is the limit when creating cards from the kit. Use your imagination. The samples above were created by my sister (very quickly, I might add) but I thought I would post them just in case they might help provide some inspiration. Even if you don't use this kit, I highly recommend making your Vday card(s) (in other words, don't give Hallmark your money!). Pretty or not, handmade gifts/cards speak volumes about the love of the giver.

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  1. oh my!! i really need to start thinking about valentine's day!! it's gonna be here before we know it!!